What Interior Design Trends Have Been Seamlessly Integrated into Recent Projects?


    What Interior Design Trends Have Been Seamlessly Integrated into Recent Projects?

    In the dynamic world of interior design, we've gathered insights from owners and design partners on seamlessly incorporating the latest trends into their projects. From integrating 'Unexpected Red' to adding warmth with 'Gold Metals', here are six expert takes on infusing current design movements into your space without it feeling out of place.

    • Integrating 'Unexpected Red'
    • Biophilic Design Enhances Urban Spaces
    • Backlit Countertops Add Functional Ambiance
    • Balanced Maximalism Reflects Personality
    • Artisanal Pieces Infuse Authenticity
    • Gold Metals Add Warmth and Edge

    Integrating 'Unexpected Red'

    If you've been anywhere near Instagram lately, you would have seen the 'unexpected red' trend, which can feel pretty forced, since it's so ubiquitous, and red is such a bright color so rarely used in interior design. But I recently did a home for a client with very eclectic tastes, and not a very predictable color palette. So this was the perfect backdrop and environment for an 'unexpected red' moment. We painted the door red, and also had some red accents inside the home—a red sofa, red bar stools—since it was an open-plan kitchen. It felt organic, instead of trendy, if that makes sense. I imagine that in 5 years, while you'll be able to spot the integration of 'unexpected red' immediately in other homes, it will still feel natural for this project.

    Rick Berres
    Rick BerresOwner, Honey-Doers

    Biophilic Design Enhances Urban Spaces

    Incorporating biophilic design has been a game-changer in my recent projects. This approach, which enhances the connection between nature and the living space, melds seamlessly into my gardening expertise. For a client's urban apartment, I introduced an indoor vertical garden that not only became a focal point of the living area but also improved the air quality. This integration felt natural and brought a sense of tranquility into a bustling city environment.

    Lindsey Hyland
    Lindsey HylandGardening expert, Founder Urban Organic Yield, Urban Organic Yield

    Backlit Countertops Add Functional Ambiance

    One trend in interior design that we've successfully integrated into a recent project is backlit countertops. We first noticed this trend taking off on social media—where LED lights are embedded inside stone countertops, allowing them to glow throughout the space. They're eye-catching, but functional.

    After discussing bathroom remodeling options with a recent client, we both agreed that backlit quartzite would be a luxurious addition to their updated master bathroom. This integration not only added a unique ambiance but also enhanced the room's functionality, providing gentle, adjustable lighting that’s perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere during evening routines.

    The result was a striking yet seamless addition to the bathroom, enhancing the entire design without feeling out of place. This project exemplifies how we embrace innovative trends while ensuring they complement the existing aesthetic of a space.

    Joe Caito
    Joe CaitoOwner, Bison Renovations

    Balanced Maximalism Reflects Personality

    In a recent project, we successfully integrated the trend of maximalism into a client's custom home without it feeling overwhelming or out of place. The key to success was in balancing vibrant colors, bold patterns, and layers of art in a way that reflected the client's unique personality while maintaining a sense of harmony within the space. For example, we chose a navy-blue floral print for the living room accent wall, complemented by a rust-orange couch, and brought it all together with a gallery wall featuring assorted prints in colorful frames. This approach created a visually stimulating environment that made a bold statement and celebrated individuality, without feeling forced or cluttered.

    Another trend we seamlessly integrated was the use of natural and sustainable materials, which not only aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental consciousness but also adds a layer of luxury and durability to the home. We opted for natural stone countertops and custom cabinetry crafted from sustainably sourced wood. These choices not only enhanced the beauty and functionality of the spaces but also contributed to a responsible and conscious approach to luxury home building. The materials' quality and aesthetics were matched with their environmental benefits, showcasing that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

    Furthermore, the introduction of smart home technology was a trend we implemented that enhanced the home's efficiency, safety, and comfort without disrupting the design aesthetic. From automated window shades to smart thermostats and in-wall speakers, the technology was integrated in a way that was intuitive for the homeowners and subtly woven into the fabric of the home's design. This example illustrates that embracing new trends, when done thoughtfully and in alignment with the clients’ needs and preferences, can elevate a project without making any element feel out of place or forced.

    Drew Hamblan
    Drew HamblanPresident, Fairview Custom Homes

    Artisanal Pieces Infuse Authenticity

    One trend that seamlessly integrated into a recent project is the resurgence of artisanal and hand-crafted pieces. At LoveNTouch Handicraft LLC, we've effortlessly woven in unique, handmade furniture and decor items, infusing each space with character and authenticity. By incorporating these one-of-a-kind elements, we've been able to tell compelling stories through our designs, creating a sense of warmth and individuality without it feeling contrived. This trend not only adds a personal touch to our projects but also resonates with the growing appreciation for craftsmanship and sustainability in interior design.

    Nidhi Sood Ruperee
    Nidhi Sood RupereePartner, LoveNTouch Handicraft LLC

    Gold Metals Add Warmth and Edge

    I am seeing a real trend toward gold metal. It was fine in the 1980s, but it's back in a more sophisticated and beautiful way. Gone are the shiny brass days. In are the satin gold, French gold, and unlacquered golds. I am specifying these finishes for plumbing, hardware, and lighting. The finishes add warmth and edge to every room.

    While I am not a "trend" follower, I am loving the reintroduction to the warm palettes the gold metals offer. They are updated, while remaining classic and timeless.

    Renee HallbergOwner, Principle, RLH Studio