What Are Ways to Use Water Features in Landscape Design?


    What Are Ways to Use Water Features in Landscape Design?

    Exploring the magic of water features in landscape design, we gathered insights from a diverse panel, including a Landscape Architect and Nursery CEO. From the dynamic allure of pondless waterfalls to a buzz-generating rock wall feature, discover six creative ways these experts have elevated outdoor spaces.

    • Transformative Pondless Waterfall
    • Weeping Boulder Fountain Oasis
    • Natural-Rock Waterfall Centerpiece
    • Easy-To-Maintain Garden Fountains
    • Serene Office Courtyard Reflecting Pool
    • Award-Winning Rock Wall Feature

    Transformative Pondless Waterfall

    I once worked on a landscape project where we installed a 20-foot pondless waterfall.

    This wasn't just any water feature—it was a game-changer. Natural stones and lush greenery created a seamless blend with the surroundings. More than just beautiful, the waterfall's gentle flow filled the space with a calming ambiance, making it feel like a natural landscape extension.

    This wasn't just a design element—it was an experience. Imagine stepping outside and being greeted by the soothing sound of water, a haven of peace right in your own backyard.

    Rassan Grant
    Rassan GrantDirector at Norstone USA, Norstone USA

    Weeping Boulder Fountain Oasis

    We love the gentle sound of water trickling over the edges of a weeping boulder fountain. While enhancing seating areas, the perfect water refuge will include a shallow depression at the top where native birds, bees, and butterflies can drink, bathe, or joyfully splash around in the California sun. Surrounded by smaller stones and a vibrant native planting palette, the fountain creates a visual delight for the client while also allowing them to interact with the biodiverse habitat being called into their gardens.

    Shawn MaestrettiLandscape Architect, Studio Petrichor

    Natural-Rock Waterfall Centerpiece

    In one of our standout landscape designs, we incorporated a natural-rock waterfall as the centerpiece. This feature was designed to mimic the serene and organic flow of water found in nature. The cascading water not only added a visually captivating element but also created a tranquil soundscape, enhancing the overall ambiance of the garden.

    By utilizing natural stone, we ensured the waterfall harmoniously blended with the surrounding flora, further emphasizing the beauty of the landscape. This approach not only satisfied the aesthetic and sensory desires of our client but also underscored our commitment to creating sustainable and impactful garden designs.

    Mike Drouin
    Mike DrouinCo-founder, Digital Marketing Director, Gardening & Home Improvement Expert, Reefertilizer

    Easy-To-Maintain Garden Fountains

    I help people create the backyards and commercial properties of their dreams, and one feature I always suggest and hope to implement is a unique water feature in my clients' landscape design schemes.

    Water naturally evokes feelings of renewal and the awareness of its vital place in all facets of existence. I believe this is why people are drawn to this inherent concept and feature.

    From a technical perspective, water features encompass a large number of designs and functions. From small water ponds, fountains, and yard-bound flowing streams, the instant sense of tranquility and grandeur that only such things evoke are what make these stunning and impressionable additions to one's landscape strategy.

    To date, my favorite water features are garden fountains. There are a myriad of options, and homeowners can create Roman gardens or a small sanctuary right outside their window. Fountains are wonderful because they coordinate well with flower gardens, simple bushes of greenery, or as standalone structures.

    They are also easy to maintain in and off-season, which is a huge payoff for something that can make a fantastic difference in one's backyard oasis.

    Mike Falahee
    Mike FalaheePresident, Marygrove Awnings

    Serene Office Courtyard Reflecting Pool

    I'd love to share a personal experience we had integrating water features into our landscape designs. A couple of years ago, we decided to enhance our office surroundings to embody our brand's active and tranquil ethos. We installed a modern reflecting pool in the central courtyard. The pool's sleek, minimalist design not only complemented the surrounding green spaces but also mirrored the clear sky above, creating a serene atmosphere. This feature has become a central part of our office, offering a peaceful spot where team members can relax or find inspiration after a workout or during a busy day. It truly reinforces the connection between our physical environment and the active lifestyle we promote.

    Jay Barton
    Jay BartonCEO & Founder, ASRV

    Award-Winning Rock Wall Feature

    In 2019, we landscaped the Cool Spring Mall located in a suburb of Nashville, TN. We added a rock wall constructed of natural stones on the side of the entrance, which we surrounded with dwarf, colorful, semi-dwarf conifers to provide year-round beauty. Additionally, we incorporated ornamental shrubbery to serve as focal-point elements that accentuated the water flowing over the rocks. It resides in Franklin, TN, which is the richest county in the entire state and home to many country music singers and Hollywood stars. The enterprise company that hired us spared no expense due to the mall's location, and as a result, it has won several awards and served as a backdrop for a couple of country music videos that were shot in front of the water feature we designed and built.

    Tammy Sons
    Tammy SonsCEO, TN Nursery