How Do You Adapt Design Trends to Fit Unique Client Spaces?


    How Do You Adapt Design Trends to Fit Unique Client Spaces?

    Design professionals are constantly innovating to tailor trends to unique spaces, creating transformative experiences. From founders to CEOs, we've compiled fifteen creative solutions that have redefined rooms, starting with maximizing space using convertible furniture and culminating in the enlivening effect of an artificial vertical garden.

    • Maximize Space with Convertible Furniture
    • Custom Open Shelving in Farmhouse Kitchen
    • Southwestern Rug Warms Modern Living Room
    • Industrial Chic Meets Rustic Farmhouse
    • Vertical Gardens Transform Urban Apartment
    • Integrated Appliances for Sleek Kitchen Design
    • Sustainable Tiny Home with Smart Storage
    • Skylights Brighten and Open Up Spaces
    • Open-Concept Bathroom Maximizes Small Space
    • Basement Becomes Elegant Wine Cellar
    • Glowing Pavers Light Up Backyard
    • Open Floor Plan Enhances Compact Property
    • High-Tech Garage Doors Upgrade Functionality
    • Wide-Plank Floors Expand Small Apartment
    • Artificial Vertical Garden Enlivens Urban Space

    Maximize Space with Convertible Furniture

    One design trend we incorporated for a client's unique space was the use of convertible furniture and space-saving solutions. By integrating pieces like a Murphy bed with a built-in desk and a modular shelving system that doubled as room dividers, we transformed their small studio apartment into a flexible and functional living area. This design not only maximized space but also added a touch of modern elegance, creating a stylish and versatile environment perfectly tailored to our client's needs.

    Darcy Turner
    Darcy TurnerFounder, Investor Home Buyers

    Custom Open Shelving in Farmhouse Kitchen

    Open shelving has been really popular lately, and one client wanted to integrate that style into their kitchen while keeping a modern farmhouse vibe. To make it work in their specific space, we crafted custom reclaimed wood shelves that not only matched their existing cabinetry but also added a rustic charm. The key was balancing aesthetics with practicality. We carefully measured the space to ensure the shelves were functional, providing enough room for storage without overwhelming the kitchen.

    What transformed the room was the curated blend of open shelves with closed cabinetry. This balance made the kitchen look airy and spacious while still offering ample storage. We also incorporated integrated lighting beneath the shelves, illuminating their beautiful dishware and creating a warm, inviting ambiance. The client was thrilled with how it all came together, making the kitchen not just a place for cooking but a central, stylish part of their home.

    Matthew O'Grady
    Matthew O'GradyDirector, Thomas Matthew Kitchens & Furntiure

    Southwestern Rug Warms Modern Living Room

    One popular trend I've adapted for a client involved integrating a Southwestern rug into a modern living room. The client had a sleek, minimalist space with neutral tones and clean lines but felt it lacked warmth and personality. We added one of our bold, geometric Southwestern rugs to the center of the room. The rich colors and intricate patterns of the rug provided a striking contrast to the monochrome palette.

    This single addition transformed the space, adding depth and visual interest without overwhelming the minimalist design. The warm hues of the rug tied the room together, making it feel cozy and inviting. The client was thrilled with how the rug became the focal point, simultaneously grounding the space and adding a touch of Southwestern charm. The room went from feeling cold and impersonal to vibrant and welcoming, showing just how powerful a well-chosen rug can be in altering the ambiance of a room.

    Connor Butterworth
    Connor ButterworthCEO & Owner, Southwestern Rugs Depot

    Industrial Chic Meets Rustic Farmhouse

    Blending the industrial-chic trend with a client's rustic farmhouse involved introducing exposed beams and metal fixtures while preserving the original stone fireplace. This creative fusion transformed the space into a stylish yet cozy retreat, perfectly balancing modern edge with country charm. The unique design captivated visitors and added a distinctive character that resonated with the client's vision.

    Jessica Wright
    Jessica WrightOwner, Buy My Home Chattanooga

    Vertical Gardens Transform Urban Apartment

    The design trend I adapted for a client involved incorporating vertical gardens into a compact urban apartment. The client loved the idea of having greenery in their limited space but was concerned about maintenance and the overall fit. I designed a series of modular plant walls using low-maintenance succulents and ferns, which thrive in indoor conditions with minimal care. This approach not only maximized the vertical space but also introduced natural elements that brought warmth and life to the room. The transformation was remarkable, as the living walls became a focal point, adding both aesthetic and environmental benefits while ensuring easy upkeep. This project underscored how creative solutions could overcome space constraints and enhance living environments.

    Mike Drouin
    Mike DrouinCo-founder, Digital Marketing Director, Gardening & Home Improvement Expert, Reefertilizer

    Integrated Appliances for Sleek Kitchen Design

    One design trend I've adapted for a client's unique space was the use of integrated appliances to create a sleek, modern kitchen. The client had a compact kitchen and wanted a cohesive, uncluttered look without compromising on functionality. From my extensive experience, I recommended custom kitchen cabinets with integrated panels to conceal appliances like the dishwasher and refrigerator.

    We created a seamless design where all appliances blended with the cabinetry, maintaining clean lines and a unified appearance. For instance, a panel matching the cabinet finish was used to hide the dishwasher, ensuring that it didn't disrupt the visual flow of the space. This not only enhanced the kitchen's aesthetic but also made it appear larger and more streamlined.

    The transformation was remarkable. The client was pleased with how the kitchen felt more spacious and organized. By integrating appliances within the cabinetry, we maximized storage and maintained a minimalist look, which was exactly what the client had envisioned. This project demonstrated how thoughtful design choices, particularly with custom cabinets, can significantly elevate both the functionality and visual appeal of a smaller kitchen space.

    Jason Lamprey
    Jason LampreyOwner, Square One Contracting

    Sustainable Tiny Home with Smart Storage

    One design trend I adapted for a client's unique space involved creating a sustainable tiny home that maximized both space and efficiency. The client had limited square footage but wanted a home that was stylish and eco-friendly. Leveraging my expertise from Hutter Architects, I recommended multi-functional furniture and vertical storage solutions.

    We installed a sofa that could be converted into a bed at night and dining benches with built-in storage. By thinking vertically, we added floor-to-ceiling shelving and wall-mounted storage solutions, keeping the floor space clear and open. This approach made the small space feel significantly larger and more functional.

    Additionally, we focused on using sustainable materials like reclaimed wood for not only the furniture but also the interior paneling. This added a unique character to the space while being environmentally friendly. The transformation was remarkable—my client now enjoys a tiny home that feels spacious, efficient, and perfectly tailored to their lifestyle and sustainability goals. This project demonstrated how thoughtful design and smart material choices can turn a compact space into a cozy, stylish, and eco-conscious home.

    Pam Hutter
    Pam HutterPrincipal, Hutter Architects

    Skylights Brighten and Open Up Spaces

    One design trend we've adapted to fit a client's unique space is the use of skylights to enhance natural lighting. This trend not only brightens up the interior but also creates a more open and inviting atmosphere. For instance, in homes with limited window space, strategically placed skylights can transform dark, cramped rooms into airy, light-filled spaces.

    Additionally, incorporating skylights can help regulate indoor temperatures by reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating during the day. This approach not only improves energy efficiency but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the room, making it feel more spacious and connected to the outdoors. By customizing the placement and style of skylights, we can tailor the design to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring a unique and transformative outcome.

    Skylights can also be fitted with advanced features like UV coatings to protect interiors from sun damage and motorized blinds for light control. These additions provide clients with flexibility and convenience, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of natural light while maintaining control over their environment. Overall, skylights are a versatile design element that can significantly elevate the functionality and beauty of any space.

    Tyler Poole
    Tyler PooleOwner, White Oaks Construction

    Open-Concept Bathroom Maximizes Small Space

    One design trend I've adapted to fit a client's unique space is the open-concept bathroom in a compact urban apartment, resulting in a transformative change. The client wanted a modern, luxurious feel in their small bathroom, which was challenging due to the limited space. Embracing the open-concept design trend, typically characterized by minimalistic elements and a seamless flow between different areas, helped maximize the sense of space and luxury.

    We began by integrating a frameless glass shower enclosure, which added a sleek, contemporary look and created an illusion of a larger, more open area. The glass allowed light to flow freely throughout the space, enhancing the room's brightness and openness. To further this effect, we installed large, reflective tiles on the walls and floor, which helped bounce light around and made the room feel more expansive.

    Another key element was incorporating a floating vanity with under-cabinet lighting. This design choice freed up floor space, making the room appear less cluttered and more spacious. The under-cabinet lighting added a soft, ambient glow, enhancing the overall warmth and inviting atmosphere.

    Finally, we added a strategically placed large mirror that extended across one entire wall. This not only served its functional purpose but also significantly amplified the sense of depth in the room, making it feel almost twice its actual size.

    The transformation was remarkable. The bathroom felt much more open and luxurious without any structural changes. This project showcased how careful adaptation of a design trend, like the open-concept approach, can completely transform a small, constrained space into a stylish and functional haven.

    Mehdi Khachani
    Mehdi KhachaniChief Executive Officer, JMK Plumbing

    Basement Becomes Elegant Wine Cellar

    One design trend I adapted for a client's unique space involved transforming their dated basement into a sophisticated wine cellar and tasting room. The client wanted to utilize the underused space to house their extensive wine collection and create an area for entertaining guests. Leveraging my background in construction and custom design, we crafted a project plan that combined functionality with a touch of elegance.

    We started by installing custom-built wooden racks that maximized storage while maintaining easy access to all bottles. The choice of materials was crucial; we used high-quality, humidity-resistant wood to ensure durability and preservation of the wine collection. Additionally, we integrated LED strip lighting that not only highlighted the wine bottles but also created an ambient atmosphere conducive to tasting sessions.

    The transformation was stunning. The client now has a beautifully functional space where they can display their wine collection and host intimate gatherings. The new design not only added considerable value to their home but also provided them with a dedicated area for one of their passions. This project perfectly demonstrated how thoughtful planning and high-quality materials could breathe new life into underutilized spaces, turning them into functional and inviting areas.

    Ryan Norman
    Ryan NormanFounder, Norman Builders

    Glowing Pavers Light Up Backyard

    Last year, I had a client who wanted to transform their dimly lit backyard into an inviting and usable space for nighttime gatherings. They were tired of traditional lighting and wanted something unique that wouldn't require much maintenance. Given my 30-plus years of experience in landscaping and my work with Glow Path Pavers, I suggested our glow-stone technology.

    We embedded the luminescent aggregates into the pavers for the walkway and patio area. These stones absorbed UV light during the day and radiated a soft glow at night, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere without electrical wiring. This not only added a stunning visual effect but also made the space functional after dark.

    The transformation was remarkable. The client was thrilled with the seamless blend of safety and aesthetics. They reported that the glowing path became a standout feature during evening gatherings and even caught the eye of neighbors, who soon reached out for similar installations. This project not only enhanced the usability of the space but also added significant value to their home.

    Alex Ketty
    Alex KettyPresident, Glow Path Pavers

    Open Floor Plan Enhances Compact Property

    In one of our recent property flips at Ready House Buyer, we adapted the open-floor-plan trend to fit a smaller, unique space. By removing non-structural walls and incorporating multifunctional furniture, we created a seamless, airy environment that appeared much larger. This transformation not only optimized the use of space but also significantly enhanced the property's appeal, making it highly attractive to buyers looking for modern, efficient living spaces in compact homes.

    Brandon Shearin
    Brandon ShearinRealtor, Sell My House For Cash

    High-Tech Garage Doors Upgrade Functionality

    One design trend that I've adapted to suit a client's unique space involved the integration of high-tech, sustainable garage doors and smart-home features. The client's garage was a large, underutilized area that they wanted to transform into a more functional, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing space. By incorporating advanced, insulated garage doors equipped with solar panels and smart technology, the renovation significantly enhanced the energy efficiency of the space. Additionally, the smart features allowed for remote control of lighting, temperature, and security systems, making the garage not only more sustainable but also more accessible and secure.

    The transformation of this room had a profound impact on the overall usability and feel of the space. What was once a typical, cluttered garage turned into a sleek, multi-functional area that could serve various purposes, including a workshop, a home gym, and a secure place for vehicles. The design not only improved the visual appeal and functionality of the garage but also increased the property's value. The integration of eco-friendly technologies and smart systems made the space a standout feature of the home, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle while providing convenience and modern comfort.

    Craig Focht
    Craig FochtCofounder & CEO, All Pro Door Repair

    Wide-Plank Floors Expand Small Apartment

    One design trend I've adapted for a client's unique space involved using wide-plank floors to transform a small Manhattan apartment. The client wanted a sense of elegance and an illusion of more space without making extensive structural changes. Leveraging my experience with Intrabuild, I suggested installing wide-plank hardwood floors, which I knew would create an expansive, cohesive look.

    We selected eight-inch-wide planks in a high-quality oak finish, which not only looked luxurious but also aligned with the client's modern design preferences. The wider planks significantly reduced the number of seams on the floor, creating an uninterrupted flow that made the small apartment appear larger and more open. By maintaining a consistent flooring style throughout, we also achieved a harmonious aesthetic.

    The transformation was remarkable. The client was amazed at how much larger and more elegant their apartment felt with this simple yet impactful change. This project demonstrated how thoughtful material choices, like wide-plank flooring, can dramatically enhance both the visual and spatial atmosphere of a home.

    Nick Chatzigeorgakis
    Nick ChatzigeorgakisCEO, Intrabuild

    Artificial Vertical Garden Enlivens Urban Space

    One design trend I've adapted for a client's unique space is the use of vertical gardens with artificial flowers. A client living in a small urban apartment wanted to bring the beauty of nature indoors without the maintenance hassle. By creating a lush, vertical garden on one of their living room walls using our eco-friendly artificial flowers, I was able to add vibrant life and warmth to the room. This transformation not only created a striking focal point but also gave the illusion of increased space, making the room feel airy and refreshing. The client was thrilled with how this simple yet effective design element brought a sense of tranquility and elegance to their home.

    Ketie Zhang
    Ketie ZhangFounder, Ketie Story